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Customer Satisfaction Survey

“Konstantin, will your program work for me?” Well, if I say, “Yes, it will,” you may retort with “How do you know?” And if I say, “Sorry, I don’t know,” then you may reply, “Why, then, are you recommending it?”.

So to give you the right answer for this damned if you do, damned if you don't question, we commissioned an independent clinical investigator to survey all of our clients who had purchased Hydro-C and Colorectal Recovery Program from June 1st of 2014 to June 1st of 2015.

Granted, the survey results may not provide the direct answer that you want to hear, but they will still give you a realistic idea of what to expect from using my program. Here is a concise summary of the report:

"Satisfaction with GutSense products was exceptionally high, with over 83% of the survey respondents reporting being either satisfied (57.6%) or very satisfied (25.6%). Only 1.5% of the survey respondents indicated being very dissatisfied."

Please keep in mind that satisfied patients don’t research the Internet for better solutions. So the idea that over 80% of the people who had already failed to see results from conventional treatments — basically, the worst of the worst cases — have been helped by my program is quite remarkable in itself.

The report summary goes on to say the following:

"Along with high satisfaction scores, survey respondents indicated a strong willingness to recommend GutSense products. Over 50% of the respondents reported that they had already recommended the products to friends or family members. An additional 32% of the respondents indicated that they were either extremely likely (18%) or likely (14%) to recommend GutSense products to friends or family members."

Finally, the summary concluded the following:

"The results from this study demonstrate unequivocally that Colorectal Recovery Progam and Hydro-C work as intended for a large majority of the customers who purchase and use these products correctly. Repeatedly, survey respondents touted the life-changing effects that these products had on their overall health. For each of the six symptoms assessed, the use of these products was associated with both statistically and clinically significant improvements in both severity and frequency of the symptoms assessed. Constipation and pain with bowel movements were relieved the most dramatically."

With these outcomes in mind, if you’ll ask your question again: “Konstantin, will your program work for me?” here is my honest answer:

“If conventional treatments haven’t helped you or you prefer a non-toxic and non-addictive approach, there is a greater than 80% chance that, when used properly, my program will work for you, too.”

You can read the complete survey in the window below, or click this link to read it in Acrobat.

Feel free to share this document and information with your family, friends, and medical advisers.

Clients’ Testimonials

Many of the survey’s participants provided free-form comments regarding Colorectal Recovery Program (CRP) and Hydro-C. With their kind permission, these comments are reproduced here “as is.” For medical privacy reasons, their full names are withheld.

The products seemed to help a lot, but the most help came from avoiding most fiber for awhile, as per your recommendation in an article. My symptoms began abruptly, and were severe for five weeks, sending me into the emergency room. The problem cleared up almost immediately when I temporarily eliminated fiber and began using the Colorectal Recovery Program. I now reduce the amount of water-soluble fiber in my diet from what it was.– B.M. (respondent #4022675639)

The Hydro-C is the BEST thing that has ever happened to me especially since I'm on a low carb diet. This is the only thing that guarantees me a regular, complete bowel movement that makes me feel GREAT afterwards. I take 1tsp (not the recommended 1/2 tsp) daily for maintenance.– K.J. (respondent #4029644852)

Colorectal Recovery Program is an amazing product, well researched. Accurate. Effective. Does not over promise. I was a skeptic, but the results are indisputable...and since my diet didn't change during treatment, I know it was the supplements.– J.G. (respondent #4021863844)

Hydro C has been a God send and I would not be able to function without it. Had it not been for Hydro C, by now I would have had to have surgery for my anal fissure. I have been using Hydro C for 8 months now and can safely say it's your safest bet to soft stools. For other issues not covered in entirety on the website, I do wish there was an option for consultation so I could have an answer to my various queries.– H.S. (respondent #4027863550)

I think it is great and although I didn't reach my goal of being able to go to the bathroom normally or at least feel a natural urge at times, I know it helped me get my body and intestines back to a healthier state. – A.H. (respondent #4021037327)

I loved it [Hydro-C - ed.] and helped me get my body back to normality while weaning off the fibre which I was overdosing on. I have recommended you to many people. – R.T. (respondent #4025695521)

I'm thoroughly impressed. Around procedures I'd use it days in advance and days after. I also find when my stomach gets upset a single serving turns everything around - within hours.– T.N. (respondent #4020158811)

It seems to be a safe and effective product. I showed it to my pain doctor before using it and he said it was safe to take.– B.B. (respondent #4022388993)

In conjunction with low/no fiber eating I have shed around 10 kgs without really trying. It was not my intention to particularly lose weight. But I can now feel the benefits of being a bit trimmer. I think that the two (i.e. low fiber and the CRP) must go together. In my experience it takes about three months to 're-condition' the body to this regime. – F.W. (respondent #4011928334)

I can't say enough good things about Hydro-C! My son is only 7 years old and at the age of 5 had three surgeries over the course of one year due to perirectal abscesses. He suffered from severe anal fissures and chronic constipation. He also had joint pain, mouth ulcers and a few other symptoms so the doctors suspected Chronic Granulomatous disease or Behçet's disease.

The tests were negative but the problems continued. He has been on several courses of strong antibiotics for weeks at a time - the kind that kill everything in the colon, even good flora and cause severe diarrhea. After the antibiotics the constipation started again, so the doctor prescribed daily use of MiraLAX and our son was given a daily probiotic. He still had problems with constipation, perirectal abscesses and fissures.

We were given the standard advice about increasing fiber, etc. But it all seemed to make it worse, so I went against the doctor's advice, ditched the fiber supplements, and started looking elsewhere for answers. After several months on MiraLAX I started noticing severe behavioral changes in my son and was very concerned. I talked to our doctor but he dismissed our concerns and said MiraLAX was safe for long term use. I didn't buy it.

Even though my son had been through so much, he stayed his cheerful, sweet self despite it all. Now, after nearly 6 months on MiraLAX I was faced with an angry little boy who lashed out at the slightest provocation, exhibited signs of depression and was very unhappy and aggressive.

I was desperate to alleviate my son's pain and discomfort and get some real answers on what MiraLAX was doing to him. Through the course of my internet investigations I stumbled across Honestly, it seemed too good to be true but everything I was reading made perfect sense and fit exactly what we were experiencing.

After just a few days of Hydro-C my son was experiencing normal bowel movements of the proper consistency. I was amazed it worked that quickly! After two weeks of daily Hydro-C my cheerful, sweet little boy returned. At the one month mark of daily use I noticed his fissures were looking better. At the two month mark the flare-ups of perirectal abscesses were diminishing greatly. After four months of daily use the improvements were remarkable. All the small fissures had completely healed, and no major abscesses.

After 6 months of daily use we were able to switch to every other day, and at this point in time nearly 2 years later he takes Hydro-C twice a week. If he experiences a bit of constipation due to diet we switch back to daily use until he’s back to normal. He suffered such extensive damage due to the abscesses and long-term antibiotic but Hydro-C has helped greatly in his recovery. It’s a God-send and I only wish I had found it 10 months earlier and avoided the MiraLAX altogether. ”

– I.T. (respondent #4020814304)

I think the program is very helpful for those suffering from varying GI issues. I would recommend it to anyone suffering like I was. – P.G. (respondent #4020603490)

Hydro-C helped me tremendously. I started having regular bowel movements while taking Hydro-C which helped with my main symptom of bloating. I found that it worked very well in the beginning but had less effect over time. It is very easy to take and non-addicting.– P.G. (respondent #4020603490)

It [CRP - ed.] helped restore normal bowel movements - what could be better :)– P.L. (respondent #4011375900)

Hydro-C works. It didn't seem to work as fast as stated when I first started using it. I had to do several doses. I also increased the amount I put in the water. When I take it now it works within an hour usually. There were a couple times it didn't work within the hour - it's weird (or I'm weird). On the whole it's way better than some herbal tea I was using that made me feel terrible. Hydro-C doesn't give you any cramping.– C.J. (respondent #4020414900)

It [CRP - ed.] has helped my IBS which I have due to Celiac disease. and I have not had a single session of diverticulitis since taking the products. – L.L. (respondent #4011171429)

Hydro-C has been an essential part of me taking back some normalcy in my life. I spent so much time thinking about bowel movements for a good two years after I developed the chronic fissure and I can honestly say I am free of those worries now. I sometimes have the occasional relapse here and there due to irregularities in my diet or stress but Hydro-C helps me keep that in check. One thing I do sometimes worry about is if the amount of magnesium bisglycinate (approx 600mg) combined with the Hydro C will affect me over the long term and will I be able to continue using these two products without any adverse side affects. For me currently any potential risks are mediated by the good results I have from using the products.– R.M. (respondent #4020378017)

The products are of a very high quality and have helped with my over all feeling of well being. I would like more information on diet and recipes. Hopefully the prices of the products will not increase.– C.S. (respondent #4009719942)

Very helpful for my condition. I feel I have healthy colon function for the first time in my life. I take it twice/day. As long as it keeps working I will always have it on hand.– C.L. (respondent #4020319687)

I am super happy with it, especially to take the place of Miralax. I wanted to get off of that and I like that your products are natural. – B.B. (respondent #4020262339)

The program has made my life more bearable. I have tried ground flaxseed, psyllium, various laxatives, and increasing my fiber by eating more veggies and fiber. Sometimes the above methods worked and sometimes they didn't. After 6+ months of using this program I am positive that the recovery program helped my bowels recover and has made life much better. I don't have the uncomfortable "fullness" that goes with constipation. It took several months for things to feel better but I am more confident that my system is working better than ever. – H.P. (respondent #4009162742)

Great product. Not only does it help relieve my constipation, but it has two other great benefits: 1) it's a Vitamin C supplement that is less harsh on my system than Ascorbic Acid; 2) it's a mineral supplement containing the important minerals Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium.” – D.H. (respondent #4016909406)

It's an absolute miracle for me. No amount of fiber or alternative remedies helped my hard stools or constipation, and I didn't want to become dependent on laxatives. I would like some reassurance that Hydro-C won't have any long term health disadvantages or contraindications, but I'm very happy with its consistent results. I am a cancer survivor. Chemo & related drugs completely destroyed my gut. But thanks to healthy eating & HydroC, along with L-glutamine and regular quality probiotics, I'm well on the mend.– L.W. (respondent #4015119270)

This is the only program that truly provided relief. I have had problems for almost my entire life. Your products are a Godsend. I told my doctor about it and he said he may recommend to other patients. – E.R. (respondent #4008180543)

Awesome. Every other vitamin C preparation I have tried was very acidic and my stomach did not respond well. Even if I was taking twice the raw vitamin C dosage. The fact that Hydro-C has a neutral ph and is absorbed so well by the body is a Godsend. I had an impacted bowel twice before finding your product, so it is no exaggeration to say that it changed my life.– C.B. (respondent #4010557792)

I was in the hospital twice with diverticulitis . The doctor suggested removing part of my colon. I quit eating beef and pork. I only eat chicken and fish now. I started using your products just to try. I did not have the surgery and that was a year and a half ago. Now, I really have no problem with the diverticulitis. Thanks so much.– C.B. (respondent #4007835808)

From my research, it appears to be top notch compared to competitors' products.– J.D. (respondent #4007794603)

Hydro-C has a superb quality. No harsh reactions. I even put a fresh paste onto my skin for 10 minutes, feels so soft.– M.S. (respondent #4012161780)

It has been a life-changer for me. I didn't understand my constipation and thought it was a structural problem resulting from my surgery. Your products have restored me to normal functioning. – R.G. (respondent #4007626973)

I have had a couple of bouts of constipation as I weaned myself off the fiber addiction. This has helped [Hydro-C - ed.].– F.W. (respondent #4011928334)

Your Colorectal Recovery Program has been a HUGE help to me - cannot explain how grateful I am to have discovered it.– J.P. (respondent #4007611958)

It [Hydro-C - ed.] not only helps with bowel movements but prevents leg cramping in my husband.– P.L. (respondent #4011375900)

It is truth in a land of lies. Teaching people that taking fiber is not a good idea for a compromised colon is radical but true. How refreshing to find a program that is effective yet goes against the grain.– P.G. (respondent #4007059747)

I love it. I tried various magnesium products before Hydro-C and they worked ok but they irritated me over the long term. No such thing going on with Hydro-C. I don't have to use Hydro-C as much as before but on average I'd say I use it at least once a week.– J.S (respondent #4009969345)

Saved me from fiber damaged system and addiction to fiber– D.D. (respondent #4006884695)

Hydro-C has been a lifesaver. I panic at the thought of having to take a OTC laxative or Miralax again. My doctor is suggesting a colonoscopy. I can't drink another container of Gatorade mixed with a bottle of Miralax. Please help! I want to thank you so very much. I wish I had found out about your products much sooner and had read the book " Fiber Menace" years ago.– C.S. (respondent #4009719942)

I suffered with chronic constipation since early childhood. It has been a lifelong quest for me to try to get help with this problem. After developing a rectal prolapse my doctor told me to take Miralax every day for the rest of my life. After several months of this regimen I literally felt that the Miralax was killing me. I had so much flatulence, bloating and discomfort that I was afraid to leave the house. In desperation I started searching the web and found the Gutsense website. I went on to read Fiber Menace. Since adopting the suggested diet and using these products I have not needed Miralax once and the rectal prolapse has not worsened. I have the most normal bowel habits of my entire life. I feel that my life has been given back to me.– J.H. (respondent #4006802472)

I am glad I have a jar of it in my medicine closet for when needed. I check the expiration date and replace as needed. It eases my mind to know that I can turn to it instead of commercial laxatives. I cringe when I watch the TV commercial for MiraLAX and hear the actress saying 'I love my laxative!' + add the Postscript from "responce to rep request": " I do 'love' Hydro-C, and especially knowing that it doesn't disrupt my colon and its bacterial residents. And I appreciate Mr. Monastyrsky's shrewd advice to use it before any upcoming event when GI difficulty might cause problems, e.g. I have a dental appt. next week for a tooth extraction. I plan to use Hydro-C the day before, so that the following day - and perhaps the next one - that's one thing I won't have on my mind."– C.M. (respondent #4009628832)

Fantastic products! I've always experienced sporadic constipation but I was started on a medication recently that lead to chronic constipation. This system of products has entirely resolved my symptoms, so much so that I have been able to stop taking the Hydro-C all together. I now educate my friends and family about disbacteriosis and recommend the Colorectal Recovery Program to everyone I know!– J.B. (respondent #4006773394)

I am a big believer of Hydro-C. When I first started to use it, it took up to a full 24 hours before it would work. Now, 6+ months later it works within 20-30mins, or sooner. I love it. I feel good knowing it is a combination of Vitamin C, Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium which my body needs. I now default to Hydro-C when my bowels feel sluggish [...] I believe it's been almost 2 years since I first used the Hydro-C and it is with confidence that even today when things are not moving as smoothly as I would like, I use Hydro-C.– H.P. (respondent #4009162742)

The products are life-changing! A God-send! After recurring fissures and flare-ups, countless doctor visits, painful exams and multiple tests, I was at my wit's end and was just about resigned to a life of excruciating daily pain. Where I am today versus where I was four months ago is miraculous! It's a blessing to feel normal again. – J.G. (respondent #4006365466)

I just felt it would be best to take this to get my gut back to normal after trying every solution imaginable.– L.W. (respondent #4006188981)

I take it everyday. It is the only product of its kind and it works. I love this product as it isn't an artificial laxative, which didn't work anyway, nor did fiber, in fact fiber made things worse. (about Hydro-C)– E.R. (respondent #4008180543)

I am highly pleased with the Colorectal Recovery Program products. I feel that they have helped me tremendously. I have used them since being diagnosed with Diverticulosis and my condition is much improved. – D.M. (respondent #4006174019)

Hydro-C is a mild but effective intestinal moisturizer. Very pleasant to use. No cramps or other unpleasant feelings after taking it. I use it occasionally to flush out my gut when I feel I need to.– A.V. (respondent #4008066450)

For me, after 53 years, it is a complete lifesaver. I have tried every product under the sun and *none* have produced the constant results that CRP does.– S.L. (respondent #4005954634)

I expected immediate results from the Hydro-C, as per testimonials. I have to say that it took a long time to work for me - I was taking a big heaped teaspoon in the morning and small heaped teaspoon at night with no real effect (very disappointing). However, I kept with it because I felt sure it was doing me some good anyway and am happy to report that for some considerable time now, it works how it is supposed to - a flat teaspoon in the morning and hey presto, all good!!!!!!! With me, it just took that extra time of taking every day to get the system working - have had chronic constipation all my life. Many thanks. – J.P. (respondent #4007611958)

I highly appreciate the Colorectal Recovery Program. Now i'm trying to loose some weihgt and follow "protocol" of reabilitation program. I already lost 5 lb but faced constipation problem as it described in KM book "Functional Nutrition". I would appreciate the opportunity to ask questions and get answers.– V.V. (respondent #4005932007)

Hydro-C seems to nourish, hydrate and strengthen the colon, providing the essential qualities needed for optimal function.– P.G. (respondent #4007059747)

I have seen a dramatic improvement (almost complete elimination) in my IBS-C symptoms. I used 2 rounds of the CRP and do not need them anymore. Reading the Fiber Menace and implementing the strategies outlined in the book changed my life. I was constipated for as long as I can remember dating back to childhood. Now, I have #4 Bristol Scale BM's anywhere from 1-3 times daily. I no longer need medication. I was on Amitiza when I started the program and had previously tried Linzess. It's amazing not to rely on medication to have a bowel movement. Who knew eating a low fiber diet and reducing water intake could make such a huge difference in my digestive tract! I also started taking high quality probiotics. These three strategies were key to my recovery. I'm so thankful I came across this information while searching the web.– A.M. (respondent #4005904269)

I used the recommended 1/2 tsp dose of Hydro-C two weeks ago, and it worked almost too well...or I was stuffed more than I realized. However, recovery from the bladder and intestinal inflammation and bloating was quicker and less painful than if I had used a prepared magnesium drink. Today I took 1/4 tsp and it was as effective without tying me to the bathroom. Since then, a test with magnesium tablets work even quicker than they used too. – H.B. (respondent #4007054000)

I think this is an excellent product that does exactly what it promises. Before using this system [CRP - ed.], I tried exercise, dieting, adding more water, yogurt - all the 'natural' remedies - but nothing helped. I was beginning to need laxatives more and more often and that seemed very unhealthy to me. When I researched this problem, I realized I was already doing what most physician recommended and that they didn't seem to be looking for a cure, just a way to treat symptoms. Then I found gutsense and he made a great deal of sense to me. His product cured me within two months and I am reading his book to understand more. I would highly recommend this product.– S.T. (respondent #4005880868)

Works great! I do have to add a little juice for my son (12) but not much. I seriously can't thank you enough! I don't understand why doctors haven't figured this out! We saw a pediatric GI specialist. I am sending them our remedy and letting them know how disappointed I am that they just provide Miralax a non-natural product! – C.S. (respondent #4006973932)

I am absolutely delighted to have found your products. I really feel I can say for the first time, maybe in my life, that I am NOT constipated anymore. I researched the web and found your product once I decided I didn't want to live with that condition any more. I knew there must be some remedy. I know I am still dependent on your product, but fortunately I can afford to buy it and I am ever grateful. Thank you.– H.R. (respondent #4005859564)

Love it, use it every day without fail for about 5 yrs.– D.D. (respondent #4006884695)

I just re-read parts of Fiber Menace and realized how much I didn't catch the 1st time. I really like the section explaining why doctors aren't, for the most part, aware of all the damage from fiber while still giving them respect.The older I get the more I see my friends and acquaintances having these same issues and I'm constantly telling people about it and lending out my several copies. – D.D. (respondent #4006884695)

I recently became anemic and had to start taking iron supplements, Gerontologist prescribed Mira-lax for constipation. I did not like the results so switched to Milk of magnesia. Did not like that either. Went back to Hydro-C. That is working well. I will stick with it. – B.W. (respondent #4006865762)

I feel the same way about Hydro-C as the Colorectal Recovery Program. The combination of these products and following the suggested diet as closely as possible has given me my life back! – J.H. (respondent #4006802472)

I am still finding my correct dosage of Hydro-C on a daily basis. It works for me in all the ways described. My bowl movements are soft and easy, therefore the hemhrroids are quiet. But, I must take it regularly to remain out of pain. I am happy to do so. Please let me always be able to obtain this product. Thank you.– B.L. (respondent #4006774164)

Wonderful, non-habit forming product for constipation.– J.B. (respondent #4006773394)

Please don't interpret my answers as your product being responsible alone for my recovery but it was a very important component amongst many other life improvements I have made over the last year or so. That said, the Hydro-C powder was and is an absolute life saver. For the record, my problems was: A lifetime of constipation with hemorrhoids and anal fissures leading to a painful triple hemorrhoid banding operation two years ago followed by a year of intense unexplained pelvic, misdiagnosed as further anal fissures, later correctly diagnosed as a damaged coccyx).– M.K. (respondent #4006692160)

Love it! I no longer have to worry about constipation or painful eliminations (as long as I also maintain a low-fiber diet). Hydro-C is allowing my body to heal. I know the significant damage done by my high-fiber, plant-based diet will take a while to get better, but I know it will as long as I have Hydro-C. The daily supplements give me so much energy, that I don't even sleep past 5:30 AM anymore, and I used to barely get out of bed by 9 AM. I can't live without it! Please don't ever stop selling the supplements and Hydro-C! – J.G. (respondent #4006365466)

Hydro-C is an excellent product - works better than magnesium and vitamin C powders that I have tried in the past and without painful cramping that they frequently caused. Going on a ketogenic diet and using this product has literally been life changing. I didn't realize that I could have a life without afternoon bloat and gas. My gut health is amazing and I swear my skin and hair is in the best shape of its life.– W.B. (respondent #4006189781)

Helps my constipation but has not eliminated it. My doctor actually told me that it would eventually lose its effectiveness. But I still take it and it seems to help.– L.W. (respondent #4006188981)

Hydro-C is a wonderful product. I was searching for an alternative health treatment and this is the best by far.– D.M. (respondent #4006174019)

Love, love, love it! It has quite a sour taste, but you don't have to drink much of it and I only need to use it once or twice a week now. For my entire life, I've had a problem with constipation and nothing ever really worked until I started using Hydro-C. Please find a way to education doctors about this product!!! So many people suffer from this issue and doctors keep prescribing the same failed "solutions". I still fully support your efforts to educate the medical community and people with this problem about your wonderful product.– R.G. (respondent #4006034739)

Hydro-C is a truly great product, works fast, love it, use when needed, but not often (used more often in the past). Has it home always and recommend to all my family and friends. Thank you for the product which works. As I came up with the right dose - it works really well. Thank you! – E.S. (respondent #4006008765)

I'm sure that Hydro-C helps with increasing gut motility and making it much easier to eliminate feces. For this, I am very grateful. Again, I would like to be at the point where I don't need the Hydro-C and I'm not there yet. – L.G. (respondent #4005974051)

I was diagnosed after many years of struggling with chronic dry eye with Ocular Rosacea. My ophthalmologist put me on daily low-dose antibiotics which tremendously helped my dry eye symptoms, but unfortunately the subsequent destruction of my intestinal flora caused constipation which began to negatively affect my life. I wanted to stay on the antibiotic, but couldn't live with the constipation so I was going to have to make a choice as to which condition affected my quality of life the less. I was happy to find your website after doing extensive searches on the impact of antibiotics on the colon. I purchased the Hydro-C immediately and am so glad I did. I can now manage my constipation effectively without the harmful effects of laxatives. I have recommended this product to my friends and they are experiencing the benefits as well. I will buy Hydro-C as long as it is available! – B.O. (respondent #4005969780)

Hydro-C is absolutely essential. If I was only able to choose one product, it would be this.– S.L. (respondent #4005954634)

It really helped when I needed elimination. (about Hydro-C) – M.H. (respondent #4005916936)

I love Hydro-C. I honestly haven't needed for quite sometime. I used to use Milk of Magnesia and sometimes it wouldn't even work. Hydro-C works every time within 30 minutes to an hour. I never felt any possible loss of bowel control like with stimulant laxatives. I keep a bottle of Hydro-C just in case, but honestly, can't foresee needing it since implementing all the changes recommended in the Fiber Menace book. – A.M. (respondent #4005904269)

I think Hydro-C is really the main product that makes the difference. I take this product faithfully, while maybe not the other powder, mostly because taking all the products in the morning requires drinking a lot of water. But I know I need the Hydro-C to keep things moving, and fortunately it is easy to take. Thank you.– H.R. (respondent #4005859564)

It helped my 1 year old daughter with constipation issues and painful bowel movements. It was able to reduce the time between bowel movements from 4-7 days to 2-4 days. Her previously frequent painful bowel movements have nearly been resolved. After taking Hydro-C, she still had 1-2 painful bowel movements over about a 5-6 month period, but she may not have gotten enough Hydro-C leading up to the bowel movements, which may have partially caused them.– A.F. (respondent #4029027651)

I only used the entire program at the beginning. Then I just started taking the vitamins regularly. The vitamins alone help to keep me regulated. I have been taking these vitamins for a couple of years now and I love them. I HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO TOLERATE ANY VITAMINS. I would either get a stuffy nose, or a lip sore, or a stomach ache, or something. These vitamins have been a God-Send! Konstantin has been wonderful about answering questions over the years, as well as his customer service staff. People don't buy into the "too much fiber" theory very easily since it comes from the doctors they have always trusted. But for me, the proof is in the pudding!– C.G. (respondent #4005923218)

Excellent quality. Amazed how taking the vitamins in the morning didn't make me quezzy before going to work.– M.S. (respondent #4012161780)

I was having severe bouts with diverticulosis about every 3 months. I have had none since using your products. I now use the Ageless Enterophilus daily and feel great. I also have benefited greatly from the book Fiber Menace!– M.H. (respondent #4005916936)

Works very well, you are a smart man. I have always said you do not want to be doing what most people are doing because most people are doing the wrong thing. I know that sounds weird but you have spelled that theory out well with dumping the fiber. It truly is amazing how the American culture has been led to believe.... Eat More Fiber! Nonsense! I also use your Ageless Enterophilus and that works well too. Thanks!”– R.K. (respondent #4028828325)

I have read Mr. Monastyrsky's entire website thoroughly, more than once. The knowledge I gained there has made a big difference in my own life, and in the health of and my understanding of my gastrointestinal tract. I use the L-Glutamine supplement and probiotics daily and both have been so beneficial that I don't often need to use Hydro-C.– H.R. (respondent #4009628832)

I LOVE that it's natural and no habit forming. I love that it works! My young daughter can go to the bathroom with ease when before we had many crying, painful, times with her on the toilet starting at 9 months old. Hydro-C had been a Godsend for her/us.– R.W. (respondent #4006628361)

The Hydro C is a life saver. It keeps my stools soft and small enough to pass them easily. I use it daily and will continue for it is responsible for having no more bloody eliminations and hard, and very large diameter stools. I am being very specific, for this is the difference in taking Hydro-C. Sometimes I have completely runny, watery stools if I take too much and it is a challenge to take just enough but not too much to achieve the desired result. I always take it just after rising and the action occurs about an hour later, just as the website says. Very good product for the purpose. Thank you for allowing me to give you feedback.– W.C. (respondent #4005891820)

It's a godsend. I had never used laxatives prior to the age of 38, and then in one 6-month period, used veritably every class to get through an immensely stressful time (that completely did over my digestion/elimination patterns). None of those worked well at all. This, however, did - with a vengeance and no side effects! It also comes with fringe benefit of great skin and extra vitality as well!– C.G. (respondent #4007462093)

I was told that I need to be on Miralax forever due to my tendency to get bowel obstructions from cancer treatment and surgery, but after looking at the side effects for Miralax that I didn't want to deal with, I happened to run across a website talking about Hydro-C. This has been a lifesaver for me - I take it daily, and it keeps my system moving. I wish my GI doctor knew about this, rather than prescribe chemical laxatives that may work in the short term, but have other health consequences in the long run. I think the extra Vit C has also kept my immune system strong as well - I haven't caught the colds and flus that my family has!– E.P. (respondent #4006274637)

I started from a position of constipation. I did not feel that a high fiber diet was causing my problem but what interested me was that recommendations to use high fiber & water to ease constipation was of no use to me. Having tried every recommendation from All-Bran, Psyllium husks, apples, lemons, prunes, beetroot, fruit of all kinds in smoothies, plenty of fruits & veggies, liters of water & found them all useless I tried your course as a last resort. The fact that I have not missed one day following your course has to be a big plus. I would like to give your ideas more credence but I feel only 60-70% satisfied with the outcome. The jury is out until I have completed a couple of months of reverting to my normal diet to see if I can maintain regularity. I do like the composition of your supplements but again price for me prohibits.– M.T. (respondent #4014597808)

I'm sure that Hydro-C helps with increasing gut motility and making it much easier to eliminate feces. For this, I am very grateful. Again, I would like to be at the point where I don't need the Hydro-C and I'm not there yet.– L.G. (respondent #4005974051)

Hydro-C seriously changed my life. I had given birth to my first child and was on a high fiber diet and started to get severely constipated and at the same time suffered from mild pelvic prolapse (which I've realized now from Konstantin's work is all related to high fiber from grains I was ingesting every day). Using Hydro-C allowed me to heal and recover pain free. Without Hydro-C I don't think I would have been able to reverse my mild prolapse, which would have greatly effected my quality of life and future pregnancies. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Hydro-C is amazing!– C.K. (05/02/17, via email)

I wanted to THANK YOU for your dedication. Though we have tried several different minerals, supplements, enzymes, magnesium therapy, diets... you name it, your recovery program worked!!! I had a client whose daughter was dealing with the nightmare of constipation and by the 2nd week of your program, she began passing NORMAL stool. On her suggestion we tried it for our Daughter and sure enough, by week 2, she began to have more normal bowel movements. I am so incredibly angry at the amount of money I've spent on a Rectal colon Specialists and other doctors who did NOTHING to help our daughter but recommend fiber and water. I knew we were on the right track with what I had learned in all my research, but your program tied it all together with the appropriate amounts and balance. I will share this with everyone I can. Thank you once again... you are her hero!– L.B. (02/10/17, via email)

I have found out by barium enema that I have a severely redundant colon and was having awful problems eliminating. I've had IBS for 10 years and these are the first products that have every helped me. I feel like a new person!! Thank you so much!– M.M. (1/11/17, via email)

I wanted to share with you some great news about my mother in law. She has finally been able to find a schedule/dosage that works for her. She has been regular for 3 days now and hasn't had this kind of bowel movements in almost a year. [...] She has even said she is experiencing a natural urge to defecate which is very exciting for her.

It's unbelievable that something so simple [constipation] can wreak havoc in a persons life. I am so grateful to have found you. This woman has had an insanely rough life between medical conditions and personal experiences. Stress doesn't even begin to describe the reality of the harshness. I don't know if you ever get tired of hearing thank you's, but I seriously can't thank you enough from both myself and my mother in law. I will do my best to shout from the rooftops until my lungs give out about your incredible work!– N.F. (02/12/17, via email)

I want to thank you for all the great information and your products. I am 61 years old. I had chronic constipation and sacroiliac joint pain for years. Not one doctor ever recommended vitamins. Your products have helped me with both problems. All I can say is thank you very much.– R.P. (10/07/17, via email)

[...] I turned to you and your product Hydro-C as a last resort. In May of this year I suffered a bout of shingles combined with bleeding haemorrhoids which all started on the same day! Fun!

No matter what I did the haemorrhoids got worse the bleeding worse. I went to my Naturopath and tried everything in her tool kit, all I got were a few days of reprieve then it all started again. A Surgeon was next on my list and she scared the life out of me, there was no way I wanted surgery especially with all the possible side effects.

Your website was like a golden beam of light. I read all the testimonials too and decided to give it a go. I live in Australia and thankfully your product arrived quickly! On the very first day I used Hydro-C the bleeding and pain reduced dramatically.

Now three weeks later I feel like a new person. All but one haemorrhoid has healed and I know this last little monster is improving. My life has turned around from a place of severe pain and restriction, going out was a major difficulty.

Now I take the Hydro-C early morning and get on with my day pain free.

Thanks heaps, I am going to continue taking Hydro-C.– A.K. (10/23/17, via email)

Please do not purchase Colorectal Recovery Program [link] or Hydro-C [link] based on the strength of these comments alone. Read their respective pages first to understand how these products work, how to take them, and what their limitations and contraindications are. If necessary, please consult your medical advisers.