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How to end the nightmare of constipation before it ends you

Constipation starts shortly after birth at a 3% rate, exceeds 50% by the age of 50, and reaches over 90% by the age of 80. In other words, you are not alone...

As with most other lifestyle disorders, bad parenting, bad doctoring, bad dietary advice, and prescription drugs are the main culprits behind chronic and intermittent constipation in children and adults.

As time goes by, laxatives and fiber elevate constipation from the mere nuisance of hemorrhoids to the much more painful and traumatic anal fissures or irritable bowel syndrome, and all the way to an outright lethal ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, or colon cancer.

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Young, fertile women are particularly hard hit by the ravages of constipation. Bloated by large stools and flatus, the colon increases the intra-abdominal pressure on the neighboring uterus — a condition that is behind most of the pain, cramping, discomfort, familial disunion, and workplace tensions associated with PMS (premenstrual syndrome).

In otherwise healthy adults, constipation is usually preceded by decades of semi-regular stools that are either too large, too hard, too infrequent, or all three. Because of straining and retention, abnormal stools gradually decimate the insides of the colon, rectum, and anal canal, until one day the bowels no longer move as intended by nature — once or twice daily, usually after a meal, and with zero effort or notice.

Therefore, it's best to recognize and eliminate abnormal stools long before they bite you in the ass, literally and figuratively

— But what exactly are normal stools?

— Well, here is the answer:

Read transcript and additional commentary, view the BSF chart, and learn how to interpret your type. No, BSF doesn't mean a “B.S. factor,” but the Bristol Stool Form chart, and it is quite a conversation opener.

If your BSF type isn't right, and you prefer not to finesse the fine points, go here. Otherwise, begin the healing and recovery by reviewing the answers to the following questions:

Q. Why do women get constipated more often than men?

Q. What is the difference between irregularity and constipation?

Q. Is constipation dangerous for my health?

Q. How often should I move my bowels?

Q. Why do some foods cause constipation?

Q. Does stress cause constipation and why?

Q. Does alcohol cause constipation?

Reader's Testimonial “It's amazing, I have been telling my doctors for years that it seems that fiber was making me much worse - EXACTLY what you described and they told me I was wrong!!!! You are the ONLY person that has accurately described what I have been telling my doctors for over 20 years!! I purchased your products and hope that they can help me so that I do not have to get a colostomy bag. Thank you !!!” J.S., USA (via e-mail)

Q. Why does anal sex cause constipation?

Q. What causes traveler's constipation?

Q. Why is my infant constipated?

Q. Why is my toddler suddenly constipated?

Q. What are the causes of constipation in older children?

Q. What is the connection between autism, infant constipation and diarrhea?

Q. What is the connection between constipation and the epidemic of juvenile diabetes?

Q. Why do doctors recommend fiber to treat constipation?

Q. Why doctors aren't recommending a recovery protocol similar to your Colorectal Recovery Program?

Reader's Testimonial “By quitting carbs/fiber and taking the recommended probiotics, my insides healed. Just wrapping my head around the concept that you don't need fiber to make your bowels move was revolutionary to me —and guess what? Probiotics are what work. I now eat primarily natural fiber from vegetables and fruit [according to Fiber Menace, natural fiber in moderation is perfectly acceptable — Ed.], and everything “comes out just fine.” A.S., Long Island, NY

Q. Is it true that dietary fiber prevents or relieves constipation?

Q. Can I relieve constipation by drinking more water?

Q. Is it true that regular exercise stimulates intestinal activity?

Q. Is it true that toning up lax muscles helps to relieve constipation?

Q. Is it true that animal fat causes constipation?

Q. Why do Paleo and Atkins-style diets (i.e. low-carbohydrate) cause constipation?

Q. What is the best diet for constipation relief?

Q. Why do antibiotics cause constipation?

Q. Does smoking cause constipation?

Q. Why does colonoscopy cause constipation?

Q. Why does surgery cause constipation?

Q. Why does hot weather cause constipation?

Q. Can constipation cause acne?

Reader's Testimonial “I followed the majority of your advice and used your supplements and I am happy to say that I have been fully healed of any fissures for several months now, and my hemorrhoids problem has diminished greatly and is under control. Thank you again! If you ever need a testimonial, I would be happy to provide you with one.” P.D'A., USA (via e-mail)

Q. What are the causes of constipation during pregnancy?

Q. Why does constipation cause enlarged internal hemorrhoids?

Q. Why does constipation cause anal bleeding?

Q. Why does constipation cause bloating and flatulence?

Q. Why does constipation cause chronic fatigue?

Q. Can constipation reduce my immunity?

Q. Can constipation cause bad mouth odor?

Q. Is it true that old stools can cause "encrustation" of the large intestine's walls?

Q. What is the connection between constipation and appendicitis?

Q. What is the connection between constipation and colorectal cancer?

Q. What are the most common side-effects of traditional laxatives?

Strange, but true — the content of your toilet bowl predicts your future with more certainty than a crystal ball. With that in mind, read up, look down, and stay well!

Author's note

The information on this site complements and expands the content of Gut Sense and Fiber Menace. Both books evolved from my extensive research in the field of forensic nutrition. Unlike orthodox nutrition, which studies and promotes 'health food,' forensic nutrition studies why people get sick and die from a presumably 'healthy' diet.

Konstantin Monastyrsky