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Why does anal sex cause constipation?

Having anal sex is like having large hard stools, only in reverse. It also lasts longer than a bowel movement, and may eventually result in greater carnage: enlarged internal hemorrhoids, anal fissures, ulcers, fistulas, nerve damage, rectocele, the weakness of anal sphincters, chronic pain, fecal incontinence, and, of course, chronic constipation.


Anal sex causes constipation for the exact same reasons that large stools cause it — the diameter of even a small erect penis is as large or larger than the maximum aperture of the anal canal. And if the penis is large and long, it also damages the rectum, which is quite small…

And lubrication isn‘t much of a help, because it isn‘t just the friction that does the carnage, but the pressure inside the anal canal that affects anal sphincters, enlarges internal hemorrhoids, tears apart the delicate lining, and damages or desensitizes the super-sensitive nerve endings of the anal plexus.

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In turn, these factors cause pain during defecation and result in an incomplete emptying of the bowels. This, in turn, enlarges stools even more, and causes even more pain, and often bleeding. From this point on, these problems turn into a pain in the ‘ass,’ literally…

There is really no good way to address this situation except to abstain from anal sex. However, if constipation is already your main concern, please visit this page to address this complication.


What should you do and what can you do to remedy anorectal damage caused by anal sex?

Well, first consider switching to a less destructive form of sexual intercourse. If you still prefer it that way, at least find a partner with as small a penis as possible, though it isn‘t going to help much, because in this situation even a large finger will eventually cause damage;

Obviously, you can always have plastic surgery done to remove scar tissue and enlarged hemorrhoidal pads. But the surgery isn‘t going to solve the problem with constipation, because mending the anus with a lancet usually kills anorectal sensitivity altogether, so you no longer experience the urge to move your bowels naturally. Even worse, you may lose your ability to control your anal sphincters and end up wearing diapers for the rest of your life!

To learn how to make stools small, soft, and regular, and to enjoy reasonable health and quality of life regardless of your adventuresome sex life, start reading from here: No Downsize, Just Upside-down.

If you can‘t say ‘no’ to your partner forcefully enough, just show him the video above and these illustrations: The final frontier between you and the toilet bowl.

If he still insists on having anal sex, measure up his implement, get a cucumber or carrot of a similar size and shape, put a condom on, and ask him to take it first. Maybe that will reduce his eagerness to cause you similar harm.

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