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Why do women get constipated more often than men?

Anatomical differences, excessive concerns over hygiene, social conditioning, stricter compliance with bad medical advice, and a propensity for “healthy nutrition” predisposes women to constipation much more than men. Fortunately, you don't need a gender-bender to avoid this trap!


Well, not only constipated. Women are also more often affected by colorectal disorders and cancers, related to constipation.

There are several reasons behind this anomaly, only some of them related to gender. Lets review the major ones:

All of the above conditions, factors, food choices, and circumstances predispose women to constipation and colorectal disorders at a much higher rate than men in a similar environment.

So, if any of the above applies to you too, or to your mom, or to your sister, or to your girlfriend, or to your daughter, review this page to learn how to fix, prevent, and avert them all, enjoy your womanhood, and spare yourself from much larger headaches down the road!

Good luck, ladies!


In general, women are more affected by colorectal disorders than men because of the long-lasting and mainly irreversible impact of pregnancy and vaginal delivery on the colorectal organs. Even the best and most well-meaning physician may not be fully aware of these profound differences, so you have to keep them in mind.

Women must also recognize that their constipation and related disorders may be more severe than the same in men of the same age for all of the reasons mentioned in the video. This means you'll have to work harder and more assertively to anticipate and overcome constipation, and prevent further damage.

Fortunately, the entire knowledge regarding the normal physiology of bowel movements is identical for men and women. So start your exploration from this section: No Downsize, Just Upside-down.

The more you know about the art of moving the bowels, the less likely you are going to get stuck in the bathroom. This truism applies equally to your children. The more you know about stools, the less likely they'll ever suffer from constipation.

Original script

I hate stuffiness, and struggle with myself all the time to restrain my natural tendency for irony, humor, and satire, particularly over a subject as humor-prone as this one! That endless quest for 'respectability' and 'good toilet manners' killed the original script of this video in favor of the lamer version above. This one also tends to be more informative. So, I hope you'll see through the forest:

— Konstantin, Why do women get constipated more often than men?

Well, because, as you well know, women are from Venus, and men are from Mars.  And since Venus has almost three times a higher gravity than Mars, women learn to suppress the urge to move the bowels and withhold stools three times more likely than men, and, unfortunately, they pay for this bad habit with constipation more often than men.

— Second, anatomical differences play a role — unlike men, women are expert strainers, because they are naturally skilled at using abdominal and pelvic muscles to deliver babies. Well, the exact same muscle control enables them to strain much more strongly than men. But straining happens to be a big no-no, because it causes hemorrhoidal disease, anal fissures, and anorectal nerve damage — three nasty conditions that precede, contribute to, and accompany chronic constipation.

— Third, unlike men, most women get embarrassed by the noises they make in a public bathroom, so they withhold stools until they get home. This unfortunate habit enlarges stools. In turn, large stools require straining to be expelled. In turn, large stools and straining cause the anorectal damage I have  already mentioned before. To eliminate this health menace, public bathrooms in Japan are equipped with a gizmo called the “Sound Princess.” At  the mere press of a button it emits the loud sound of a toilet flush, saving water and health all at once… (to myself: consider adding this sound to video).

— Fourth, women are quite particular and fussy over their anal hygiene because the vagina and the anus are next door neighbors. Naturally, many women will try to withhold stools until they get home, and, sooner or later they will run into all of the same set of problems as I have just explained…

— Fifth, many women wouldn‘t sit on a public toilet for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, squatting over a high toilet bowl may lead to an incomplete emptying of the bowels, and result in all of the same problems that cause constipation…

— Six, many women don‘t have the nerve to tell their boyfriends or even husbands — “hold on darling, I need to poop…” This, unfortunately, forces them to deploy their amazing skills of suppressing stools with everything bad that follows.

Believe me, ladies, men know you poop the same way we do. So, if you need to go, — go… If your boyfriend is getting embarrassed over you being a human, then he doesn‘t deserve you. Believe me, being single and regular is more fun than being constipated while married to a jerk!

— Seven, pregnancy is another factor that contributes to the development of constipation. The intense straining during delivery often causes irreversible hemorrhoidal disease with all of the ensuing complications related to this condition, constipation being the first one.

If you are planning to have a baby, and would like to deliver it  hemorrhoids-free, restrain your consumption of carbohydrates during pregnancy, so your baby won‘t get too big, fat, and heavy from all that elevated blood sugar and triglycerides that the two of you will share over the next nine months, and you won‘t have to strain twice as hard and twice as long to push it out.

— Finally, women are more likely than men to lead what is called a “healthy lifestyle” and consume what is known as a “healthy diet.” Nowadays, this means gobs of processed fiber, eight glasses of water, as little fat as possible, and zero salt — all of the factors that contribute to constipation even more than gravitation, embarrassment, dirty bathrooms, stupid boyfriends, squatting, straining, and pregnancy combined!

And don‘t forget that your bowels share the same tight-packed abdominal cavity with your reproductive organs. This is why large stools and gases cause PMS-like symptoms, or why intense straining to move your bowels may lead to a miscarriage so early in a pregnancy, that you won‘t even know that you have just conceived, or why your crap-filled rectum may protrude right into the vagina, and cause a condition called rectocele.

Yes, it‘s harder being a girl…

So, if any of the above problems apply to you, or your mom, or your sister, or your girlfriend, or your boyfriend, or your husband, or your kids, than visit my web site to learn how to fix, prevent, and avert them, enjoy your womanhood, and spare yourself from much larger headaches down the road.

Good luck, ladies!